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Get Your Dog To Listen To You and Have An Amazing Bond!

How To Get Your Dog To Come When Called!

Come When called
Online  Course

  • Training : Teach your dog to come when called mini online course. Our training videos will teach you how to get your dog to listen to you.  ONLY $7
  • In home Training: Teach your dog to listen to its name in home around the house.($300/Private lessons Value)
  • Outdoor Training : How to get your dog to pay attention and listen to you outside the house and public. (Bonus)
  • Training Game ​:A fun game to play with your dog to get them to come when called (Extra)
Hi, I’m Ricky Jones and I am a Dog Life Coach who has been teaching people how to have a well-behaved dog at home and in public. I build confidence in you with your dog and show you how to have an amazing bond.

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

There I was, I had just rescued my first dog, Memphis.

The thing is, I grew up around dogs with family and friends having them but this was the first time owning a dog myself and I was starting to struggle.

I deal with chronic lyme disease which can limit me with joint and knee pains. It was a big change for me. I played soccer for almost 15 years being very active with biking and snowboarding as well, then I got lyme disease and it changed everything. I struggled for a few years with the changes trying to find myself. Up to that point nothing was motivating me to do things.. I had just started to work at a dog daycare and getting a puppy could help. I found something to really help and motivate me. This little guy changed my world!

The big problem was that I couldn't figure out how to get him to listen to me in certain situations and especially outside. My dog was becoming hard to handle out in public and started to bark and react to other dogs and people. I did not know what to do. At one point, he even ran away to chase after a deer. That meant my dog was choosing other things over me. It felt embarrassing. I felt like I was missing out bonding with my dog.
Training tip for you!
Does your dog beg at the dinner table? 
This video will teach you how to teach your dog to go to its dog bed and stay! 
You can use this command for dinner and give your dog a spot to be. 
People coming over? 
Don't want your dog to jump on your guest when they come over? Teach your dog to hang out on its bed! 
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I did a little research online to learn a few things to get him to listen better so I went down to the local park to practice with my dog. By chance, I ran into this guy whose dog was listening and being well-behaved. He saw me training my dog, we talked, and he mentioned a place for me to check out that helped him with his dog. I was dedicated to my dog and wanted to learn more about dogs and ways to fix behavioral issues. I could learn to communicate, build a stronger bond, and have an amazing relationship with my dog. I knew right then I wanted to become a dog trainer and enrolled in a dog training program.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get my dog to listen to me. I felt like I was bonding more with my dog. I was enjoying walking him in public and going for hikes on the weekend because the training I learned got my dog to listen to me more. It made me feel more confident that he would choose me over distractions.Training was fun and easy!

My plan to start, come up with a routine and a training plan! Now I understood my dog, why he was reacting, and knew how to take care of his needs with a routine giving him physical and mental exercise.

So I started getting him to listen to me at first with just quick training sessions, training with him daily working on his name and his recall word. Throughout the day, around the house.. But we didn’t stop there!

We then started to go out more in public with walks at the park. We worked on getting him to listen to me outside around distractions with people and dogs. 

After that, we were able to enjoy hikes on the weekends having him be able to run off leash and come back when I called him. He was doing so much better greeting people nicely and not jumping!

Bottom line: In the end, I have an amazing relationship with my dogs and there is no better feeling in the world than having that trust in your dog that they will never leave you and they will always come back to you! Enjoying walks in public and not having my dog bark at other dogs! 

Now able to do all the things I wanted to before, we then worked on and passed the CgC Canine Good Citizen Test!!

Training tip for you!
Teach your dog a trick!

We help you to improve your communicate with your dog


We teach you new ways to bond with your dog!!

Ricky Jones, Your Dog Life Coach

Founder and Owner of Divine Canine Solutions
AKC CGC Evaluator
AKC Trick Dog Evaluator
5x Disc Dog World Finalist

The Divine Canines!

Building on that success, I decided we needed to help more people learn this!
I have always loved dogs and now I have found an amazing way to communicate with them.
Over the next few years I added a few more dogs to the family. First it was Iver, a border collie. I was able to travel and compete with my dogs, gaining more knowledge and experience in the dog world. Iver and I even had a cameo appearance on the Netflix hit show Marvel’s Daredevil!
While traveling the country, I rescued my third dog, Serenity, a young female red Border Collie. Serenity had been surrendered because she was a rambunctious “car-chasing” dog. With my training, Serenity has developed into a great K9 Disc performer and she earned American Kennel Club’s coveted Canine Good Citizen award...and yes, she has stopped chasing cars!
I wanted to share everything I knew! I started my own dog training business to help people build an amazing bond with their dog and teach them how to train their dog and get them to listen to them.. 

We call it “Divine Canine Solutions”

With Divine Canine Solutions I can now put to use my years of experience and knowledge from training dogs and traveling around performing and competing with my dogs in k9 disc, agility and dock diving. Everything I learned about Canine conditioning, Trick training and Obedience training is put together into a simple training system that you can do at home and build a great relationship with your dog!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a dog owner who really wants their dog to listen to them but they keep ignoring you, here's the solution you've been looking for...
Training tip for you!
Working from Home?

 Here is a great way to keep your dog busy at home!
"Come when called online course"
Now you have
 "Everything You Need At Home For Your Dog Guide" 
What's the next step?
 Learn how to train your dog to listen to you at home with our "Come When Called Online Course"
  • ​A Stronger bond with your dog Knowing that they will listen to you and how to teach them to be well-behaved...
  • ​Enjoy your dog running to come to you! Its a great feeling knowing your dog will come when called and won't ignore you.
  • ​Your dog will listen to you every single day Because they will love doing things with you. This training makes it so easy and fun!..
  • ​A training system That you can use to teach your dog to listen to you at home and outside!...
... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Come When Called" in less than a week and it costs less than the cost of a bag of dog treats..

So again, if you're a new dog owner who just got a dog or owners who have a hard time getting their dog to be calm., understand this...
  • You just got your dog They need structure and you can teach them to learn to listen to you with training
  • ​Every day you wait is another day your dog will not be able to get the freedom they could have if they got training and they leaned to listen to you....
  • ​You deserve to have an amazing bond with your dog and learn to have fun training with them!...

Act Now - Before It's Too Late! 

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...
BONUS #1: Reward pay scale for your dog (Extra!)
Reward Scale 
This sheet gives you the secret to knowing what type of reward your dog will need to get them to listen to you in different environments.This will help you a lot. Your dog will learn to listen to you out in public and you can take your dog anywhere with you and know they will be well-behaved.
BONUS #2: The Come When Called System ($197 Value)
This Training Session
Makes it easy to learn how to reward your dog when you call their name! So you don't have to run around and chase them because they won't come back to you which lets you enjoy having them have freedom to run and come running to you when they hear their name and Be able to let them run around at the park and know they will come back. Even enjoy an off leash hike in the woods!
 Now you have everything you need for your dog at home guide, Whats the next step? Learn how to get your dog to come when called online course! 
You have taken the right step and this is A
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "Come when called online course" doesn't help you have a stronger bond with your dog... if it doesn't get you to enjoy walks with your dog! Getting them to walk with you and not pull you down the street... or if it fails to give you a confidence boost that you know how to handle your dog with distractions like other dogs or people in public!.... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your come when called online course results!
Imagine The Amazing Relationship You Will Have With Your Dog!
Build that stronger bond! Teaching your dog to listen to you at home and have a routine in place for them. Finally fix those unwanted behaviors!

  • Frustration with biting and nipping 
  • ​Barking
  • ​Jumping
  • Counter surfing
You can now fix those problems!! Teach your dog to listen to you and get that great companion you deserve! Knowing that your dog is going to be well-behaved when guests come over. Be able to get things done around the house. Enjoy that your dog will listen to you! A simple training system for you to add to your dog routine on a daily basis! 
It will become easier to communicate with your dog. You will have happier moments having your dog around. Enjoy a great life with them! 
 We look forward to working with you!

- Ricky Jones
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • Marker system training video ($47)
  •  Reward pay scale for your dog ($47)
  •  BONUS #1: Teach Your Dog To Listen to its Name (Extra)
  •  BONUS #2: The Come When Called System ($197)
  • ​BONUS #3: Teach Your Come When Called Outside (Priceless)
Total Value: $291
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only...  $7
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Dynamically Updated
Our Clients!

"Between my vet, my family, and other husky owners we have come across, everyone is very impressed with her progress"

"I got my Husky puppy Meeko at 7 weeks old and knew that I needed to start her in training right away. Being new to the area and not wanting a basic level 1, 2, and done training class, I asked my vet techs for recommendations and 2 immediately said go to Ricky! Ricky took us at 8 and a half weeks old (picture one) and we started from there. We have been in classes once a week since then (she is now 10 months) and have been steadily progressing. Not only does Ricky instruct in small class sizes, he addresses things there and he makes recommendations for correcting behaviors at home. Each week he continues to check in on those, hold us accountable, and give us the skills and the confidence to try new things. Between my vet, my family, and other husky owners we have come across, everyone is very impressed with her progress which would never have happened without Ricky and Divine Canine".

Tori Selfe

"The transformation in Luca’s behavior, focus, and his bond with me was amazing!"

Training with Ricky of Divine Canine Solutions made me realize (in a positive way, there’s no judgement or negativity!) just how much more my dog Luca and I still needed to learn, not just about obedience, but about communicating with each other.  
My dog is reactive on leash and I was looking for a trainer to help me with that issue. Ricky taught me about understanding Luca’s needs, the role that plays in his behavior, and setting him up for success.  
After participating in just a few of Ricky’s Urban Canine group classes (held outdoors in public places with real life distractions), the transformation in Luca’s behavior, focus, and his bond with me was amazing! We continue to attend group class on a regular basis and have made training a part of our everyday life….I can’t recommend Ricky and DCS enough!

Amy Ellsworth

 "I am more grateful to Ricky’s training now than every before. If you would like to connect with your dog in a more compassion way and see them as your own child"

Ricky has been one of the greatest inspirations and dog training mentors I have ever met. He has a way to grow the relationship that you have with your dog. He will not just focus on a single training regime for all dogs in the class. Instead he takes the time to understand the dog and the person. From there he designs a training plan that he modifies during every training session. 
 My little Aspen immediately responded to Ricky’s training and this has helped Aspen and myself grow a stronger relationship together. I am more grateful to Ricky’s training now than every before. If you would like to connect with your dog in a more compassion way and see them as your own child. Divine Canine is the place to be!
 Thanks Ricky! 🐶

Brad doyle

"Now as a 2 year old we can communicate through eye contact. At dinner time he sees us setting table and goes straight to his bed until told he can get up."

"Ricky taught us how to communicate with our pup when we got him at 12 weeks. Now as a 2 year old we can communicate through eye contact. At dinner time he sees us setting table and goes straight to his bed until told he can get up. In public he sits right by our side at baseball games and even in lines for ice cream. He loves going places and being part of the family and it’s all thanks to the techniques Ricky taught us!"

Tracy Quinn 

"From week 1 to 4 there is a world of difference in his focus, his manners around others"

My 4 month old golden retriever is learning tons by participating in these out of doors sessions! From week 1 to 4 there is a world of difference in his focus, his manners around others and in his understanding of important commands!

Robin Sidwell

"He doesn't just teach the dogs commands. He teaches us how to work with our dogs, how to build the relationship and the bond."

I cannot even begin to say enough wonderful things about Ricky and Divine Canine Solutions! We adopted very large sibling puppies and we knew we had our work cut out for us. Our dogs are a mixed breed and part of their lineage is quite headstrong and not always great at taking commands. You'd hardly even know it since we have been training with Ricky. 
The biggest standout factors for me are:
1) He doesn't just teach the dogs commands. He teaches us how to work with our dogs, how to build the relationship and the bond. He helps us understand why we should do a certain thing a certain way or why to avoid particular behaviors. We have seen such astounding improvement in our pups since we've been working with Ricky.
2) He understands that real life doesn't take place in a training studio. He came to our home for private sessions, worked with us out in our yard, on walks around our neighborhood. Real life. Since we finished our round of private training, we take the dogs every week to a training class that's out in public, somewhere busy with plenty of other humans and dogs to provide potential distractions.
I cannot say enough good things. HIGHLY recommend!
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